Infrastructure Solutions


A robust network is the core to the success of your organization’s IT strategy, forming the communication platform upon which your business is built. Our suite of networking solutions offer a wide array of services, including but not limited to – enterprise network design, deployment and migrations, network security systems, wireless design and deployment, VoIP, Email and Messaging and mobile integration.

Security & Access Control

With partnerships with highly reputed third party vendors all over the world, we are able to provide an immense array of advanced and complex turnkey security services managed by a team of expert professionals. Thes include access control systems for buildings and offices, intruder and panic alarm systems, Bio-metric attendance recording systems and high quality public address systems. These can be licensed independently or as a complete package, providing you with flexibility to suit your organization’s needs.


Storage Area Network or SAN is a technology used to make storage devices accessible to all servers in a LAN or WAN as locally attached devices. Vistas provides a comprehensive suite of remote storage management services, ensuring an enterprise’s businesses run efficiently while you are confident that your data is safeguarded and secure. We can recommend data storage solutions that help create a strategy to addresses the challenges you face and optimize the existing infrastructure resulting in the easy reuse of data. Our Remote Storage Management Services will help extract the best out of your data storage infrastructure by aligning capacities and performance demands with important business continuity parameters like availability and compliance in a cost-effective manner.

Data Center

Vistas brings to the table over 10 years of expertise and tried and tested practices, with a consulting-led approach to enterprise data center support. We design, deploy and manage data centers across heterogeneous platforms, implement virtualization and standardization initiatives and migrate systems and applications to the cloud. With our management support centers covering our operations 24/7, you can optimize your resources, improve service quality and boost performance.


Vistas provides businesses and professional with turn key based solutions that enable them to construct reliable, effective and high quality network and communication infrastructure. Some of the solutions we provide include projecting, design, deployment and management for Structured cabling, LAN/WAN, Data Centers, Wireless Networks, Video Conferencing, VoIP/IP Telephony and Virtual Systems.

Enhance Your Productivity with Increased Connectivity and Improved Continuity.

Business Process Applications

Master Your Workday, Maximize Employee Productivity & Manage Customer Relations.


Through our strategic partnership with, worldwide leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) solution, we are able to deliver integrated, completely customizable enterprise applications for companies of all sizes, and it can be up and running in weeks or days—not the months or years required by traditional client/server CRM software.


Our partnership with Workday Management Software provides your company’s management with a means to overseeing employees data, time tracking, procurement, expense management, and financial accounting– basically, everything you need to better-manage your workday.


Long-term business growth, success and sustainability are all incumbent upon your relationship with your present and future customers. That being said, we can help you analyze your customer’s wants and needs and aid you in the overall process of understanding and connecting with your consumer base.

Asset Management

Organizations face a significant challenge to track the location, quantity, condition, and maintenance of their assets. The management of assets (their selection, maintenance and inspection), determines the operational performance and profitability of organizations, and having a control on their assets is very important for a company. Vistas Asset Management System not only simplifies the process of managing Assets but also helps in maintaining their complete history with automated processes.The system is a very user friendly, affordable, reliable, flexible, scalable and accurate tool which intensifies your business with large range of features.


Oracle’s comprehensive and integrated software helps youdeliver superior service based on up-to-the-minute customer-license profile,it improves your ability to cross-sell and up-sell & ensures perfect ordering, fulfillment, and revenue recognition.


Our Human Resource Management Software has been specifically crafted to maximize employee performance and in aiding overall HR activity via managing employee agreements, probation periods, contract data, and other HR-related tasks.


AdlER is an integrated enterprise resource planning application framework designed specifically to meet the operational needs of single or multiple companies, small to large sized trading houses and manufacturers. With well covered and extended functionalities, excellent user interface and rapid implementation, and available with client server and web based versions, AdlER is a flexible, mature, feature-rich and fully integrated business information system that helps you take control of all your business needs.

IT Operations Management

Workload Automation

With partnerships with industry leaders in operations management like BMC, Vistas is able to provide scalable turnkey solutions for workload automation. Our solutions work with existing ERP systems, support strategic requirements, include collaboration tools, enable self-service and lets you set a new pace for adaptable, accessible and intuitive automation that delivers digital services with real-world business impact.


Our Orchestration services boost the automation of your operational process workflows by providing assistance with each concerned element, including architecture and design, integration of modern management toolsets into the environment, and providing your teams with hands-on experience with these tools.

BCP & Disaster Recovery

Our Continuity Management solutions help protect the business interests of your organization by identifying it’s risk of exposure to internal and external threats, ranging from data breaches to natural disasters, and provide the ability to effectively respond to them. Our suite of services offered include disaster recovery, crisis management, incident management, emergency management and contingency planning.

Data Leakage Prevention

Data Leakage Prevention solution is a system that is designed to detect potential data breach / data ex-filtration transmissions and prevent them by monitoring, detecting & blocking sensitive data from getting transported or from restricting viewing by unauthorized persons or entities. Vistas can help organizations complete all the necessary steps to develop, implement and operate a successful data leakage prevention program including defining a formal data security policy, developing measurements to manage & track, selecting and deploying technology that is focused on protecting and detecting mishandled data and Creating process and procedure, as well as automating compliance and protection.

Robotic Process Automation

We provide a secure, consistent, reliable and scalable virtual workforce that follow rule-based business processes and interact with operational system the same way a human user would do. It complements the traditional IT solutions and front office productivity tools, and provides a higher level of automation, significantly lower level of investment and a greater speed to deployment.

Service Management

Vistas provides a customer-centric and business-focused approach to Service Management, aligning business objectives with information technology, developing an adaptable strategy and deploying and managing the operations. Whether you require a basic help desk solution or manage advanced service management processes for internal or external customers, or both, our solutions can easily scale and adapt to your business needs.

Mobility Solutions

Providing easy access to information for your customers and employees when and where they need it is a requirement for any organization in today’s fast-paced world. Delivering said information to all platforms safely and securely without halting productivity is a challenging task. Our Mobility solutions let you take care of end-to-end operational needs, and ensure that your mobile strategy grows with your organization.

Data Migration & Cleansing

Vistas supports all major databse platforms and operating systems with respect to data migration and cleansing. Our processes are automated with complete accuracy, reduced time spent for data, cost effective and consiting of a proven methodology and best practices. This leads to higher productivity and extended application life, allowing you to keep your business on track by supervising regular data entry activities.

Protect your Business Interests, Manage your Services, Cover your end-to-end Operational Needs.

Analytics & Intelligence

Accumulate Data, Derive Actionable Insights and Outperform Your Competition.

Big Data Analytics

The rise of mobile and social computing means huge volumes of customer insights are available to be harnessed, and organizations across all industries are constantly being overwhelmed with the large amount of data that is being dumped across all the channels. Our Analytics services reduce the complexities involved in processing, managing and effectively deriving actionable business insights, thereby increasing your business value propositions and increased ROI.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence services approach places emphasis on building and enhancing robust reporting platforms, and incorporating mobility and self-service capabilities across the enterprise. With these, we transform your corporate data into valuable business information and lets you improve your corporate decision-making process. Services offered include operational intelligence, Business performance management, Risk/compliance and threat/fraud detection.