Information Security

Information security refers to the process preventing unauthorized access, countering threats, confidentiality, disruption, destruction and manipulation of your business information. All businesses need safeguards from cyber attacks and security threats which are time-consuming and expensive and affect the company’s reputation and autonomy.

A capable information security provider will safeguard the organization’s critical data, reduce the risk of data breach and attack, secure the technology used by the business to allow safe operations and protect the ability to function without disruption while ensuring to keep minimum downtime.

Our Information security practice focuses on delivering Security services that enables customers to protect sensitive corporate information from potential internal and external threats. As a trusted security partner, we work closely with leading security vendors and solution providers to Consult, Build, Deliver and Support enterprise security solutions for our clients in various sectors.


Increased protection,
Improved Customer
Confidence and
Secured Reputation

Security Advisory

At the leadership level, we work with your team to build an effective and measurable Security Strategy and Roadmap. Our consulting team can navigate you through necessary frameworks and standards, policies and procedures, compliance requirements.

Managed Security

Our managed services include Managed Security Devices, Managed End points, Vulnerability Management Services, Managed Patch Management, Managed SIEM solutions, Managed Threat Intelligence.

Security Assurance

At the tech-ops level we work closely with your technical team to build a suitable Security Defense platform that is closely aligned with your business objectives, vision and strategy.

Security Operations

We take care of the end to end lifecycle of your security centers, including Consulting, Architecture, Implementation and Support of Security Operation Centers (SOC), SOC Architecture review, Remote SOC management, AssistedSOC operations, SOC resource augmentation.


We assess your network vulnerability by doing a variety of tests, including Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Network Security, Application Testing. This is usually done on-site by our engineering team, or via remote access VPN.

Awareness &

We develop and execute Security Awareness Training campaigns, continuous awareness programs, certification trainings, and in-house capability building trainings tp improve security awareness amongst your organization’s workforce.

& Audits

We audit your network infrastructure thoroughly, including Secure configuration Reviews, Security Architecture review, GAP analysis, Compliance readiness audits.