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Quality Analyst

  • Quality Analyst involves monitoring and analysing the interactions between contact centre agents and customers to ensure agents are performing to standard and to enable managers to provide feedback to the agents regarding their performance and identify any training or coaching that may be required.
  • QAs are responsible for helping ensure the quality assurance and control activities and services provided to customers over the phone, email, social media and chat.
  • Quality checks would involve testing the quality and consistency of the control framework, ensuring that contact centre agents are performing within the prescribed limits, providing quality, consistent and objective feedback to leaders and managers regarding agents performance and identifying gaps in training and/or process issues.

Main Duties:

  • Assess agents telephone based & online interactions with customers
  • Review recorded calls with customers and ensure that proper steps were taken regarding completing the call objectives, documenting all required information and completing administrative tasks required.
  • Provide objective assessment regarding agents compliance of process and adherence to procedures for calls with customers
  • Complete the required evaluation forms where required; the evaluation form is typically a checklist provided to the QA which covers key areas built into call processes such as compliance, customer service and business development opportunity
  • Utilize effective listening skills to assess quality and customer service and where there are gaps in performance, identify if there are any systematic shortcomings in performance and provides feedback to contact centre managers regarding process improvement suggestions
  • Ensure that contact centre agents are proactively promoting their organization’s services and/or products when there is opportunity to do so and maximizing on customer opportunities
  • Provide constructive feedback with accurate details to leaders and managers through monitoring practices
  • Review recorded computer responses by agents including emails, social media and chat interactions. Similar to the call quality assurance
  • Monitor progress on a regular basis to track performance against targets
  • Assess if any gaps in performance are due to factors outside of the agents control such as unclear processes, product confusion or higher than normal call/email/chat/posts volumes and provide this feedback to CC managers/leaders or process teams
  • Work with product teams to gain understanding of quality assurance and resource requirements when new products/services are being introduced to market
  • Complete call-tracking documentation on each call
  • Accurately and objectively record the required information into the appropriate documentation based on each call or online interactions
  • Cross-check information to ensure that call data have been entered correctly; reports errors to CC managers for correction and required steps for correction


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