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Minimum Education Qualification: Master’s Degree in Communication or Public Affairs
Minimum experience number of years: 10 to 15-year experience in international PR and Communication

Roles and Responsibilities:

● Coordinate, plan and manage all PR and Communication plans
● Define the PR and Communication strategy for the WISE Advocacy programs, in coordination with the WISE Communication team
● Identify and manage a network of education specialist PR agencies to cover the scope of markets in UK, USA, Spain, Lat Am, China and MENA
● Advise and implement specific PR activities to develop with each market
● Monitor and analyze WISE press coverage
● Engage, invite and manage the journalists on the WISE@ Forums and WISE Summit
● Manage and report PR coverage
● Advise and implement high level opportunities of representation at existing events to cooperate with to improve the influence of  WISE
● Manage a team made of PR Officers
● Control budget allocation according to client’s objectives
● Assess results and impact of delivered PR and Coms campaigns and adapt the formats for upcoming events
● Candidates with QID (Completed one year) + NOC
● Please share your Resume on

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