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Job Description

  • Vehicle tracking and routes monitoring – Route path adherence, Stop adherence, Speed monitoring, Fuel consumption and travel distance monitoring, Ridership (pick up, drop off, vehicle capacity) monitoring, Road blocks and diversions monitoring, Observation of constant road deviation/ blocked stops, Monitoring of driver road observations, Reporting of necessary route changes.
  • Real-time Schedule and Punctuality Monitoring – Trips start/ end times monitoring, Schedule deviations monitoring, Intermediate stops punctuality monitoring, Overall daily service punctuality reporting.
  • Driving behavior monitoring – Real time driving behavior alerts monitoring, driving pattern performance monitoring, On-time communication with violating drivers.
  • Vehicle health Monitoring (High level) – Early indication of vehicle health issues, Pre-duty vehicles health check, Breakdown prevention monitoring.
  • Real-time incidents monitoring and response – DriverPanic button activation, Driver alarms (Accident, assault, fire, etc.).
  • Historical incidents investigations – Historical vehicles movement, speed, video footage replay, Historical vehicles health reporting, Historical driving behavior, punctuality and route adherence reporting.
  • Real-time Vehicle health monitoring (Detailed) – Monitoring and clearance of vehicle health alarms, Evaluate vehicles suitability for service, Early detection of prospect vehicles malfunctions, Control and review preservice vehicles health checks, Refer vehicles to workshop as necessary.
  • Historical health monitoring – Detailed vehicle health reporting for breakdown troubleshooting, Report prospected malfunctions for maintenance, Recommend early maintenance.
  • Devices Monitoring – On-board devices connectivity monitoring (LCD monitors, Cameras, OBUs, Validators), Early indication of devices malfunction, Monitoring of media download failures or interruption (for advertising system), Raise maintenance requests as necessary, Monitoring of on felid devices connectivity (TVMs, PDAs).
  • Live/ historical video monitoring – Live video feed monitoring (incidents only), Auto captured incident footage monitoring, Historical video footage retrieval, Incidents investigation, Monitor on-board video storage.
  • Establish direct communications with drivers – Give voice instructions to driver or group of drivers, Early warning to violating drivers, attend to on-field driver calls, Assist drivers with instructions in case of incidents, Assist drivers with directions when needed.
  • Service announcements publishing – Publishing service announcements to on board screens, publishing route diversions or stop blockage information per route, Publishing audio announcements when needed, Monitoring of presented video, Insuring multimedia download and updates for all buses.

Job Requirements

  1. Flexible to work in shifts.
  2. Willingness to work in inclement weather.
  3. Valid Qatar Driving License, with preferably own car.
  4. Proficient in English. Multilinguals preferred.
  5. Proficient in MS Office.
  6. Excellent computer proficiency.
  7. Good Analytical and decision-making skills.
  8. Ability to follow processes and procedures and apply flexible approach when required.
  9. Participate in identifying staff development needs. Undertake staff coaching as directed.
  10. Contribute to a learning and knowledge sharing environment where employees are encouraged to seek support and guidance.
  11. Previous experience in driving and managing change within a complex and structured environment.
  12. Previous experience working in an BOC road transportation environment is preferable.

How To Apply

Interested candidates can forward their CV to careers@vistasglobal.com

  • This job has expired!
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